A service tailored to your business

Mostleds has been specializing in LED photobiomodulation devices for almost 15 years. We are both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), which allows us to provide you with tailor-made devices, according to your business strategy, expanding your product offering and optimizing your brand.

For each of the devices you wish to develop with us, we provide you with our team of experts who take charge of your entire project, from its design to its maintenance support, including its development, quality management and compliance with regulations.

Meeting your needs

As an OEM/ODM, our mission is twofold:

  • to work closely with you to study your needs and ideas
  • to coordinate the production of the photobiomodulation devices thus defined, both in terms of quality and optimization of the treatment result.

A customer-oriented mindset

Patient care and comfort are at the heart of our concerns:

The photobiomodulation devices we have already developed have been created in collaboration with care specialists close to their patients: they have also been studied with our scientific committee, for a complete evaluation of the data.

  • To meet the needs of the market we have created two families of devices: some for professional use only (B2B2C), others that you can make available to the general public (B2C) 
  • Claude Le Goff , our president, has been involved in the world of health, beauty and well-being for over 25 years. 

The synergy of our technological and entrepreneurial skill

Our design office is made up of engineers and technicians specialised in photobiomodulation (PBM) and whose specialities are complementary: electronics, electrical energy, automation, embedded systems, metrology, manufacturing, etc. In order to provide you with a high quality service that is always at the cutting edge of innovation, they work together with a scientific committee, made up of therapists and specialised researchers.

Mostleds puts its 15 years of experience in Photobiomodulation (PBM) at your disposal, a rich and varied know-how, reinforced by our “start-up” spirit. You have dynamic access to complementary expertise that :

  • design, with you, the device you need, both in terms of hardware and software
  • manage the entire project, including its security, regulatory and maintenance aspects
  • are committed to innovation, to constantly improve the design, manufacture and quality of our devices

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    The constant search for excellence

    We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). We take pride in your satisfaction and that of your customers.

    All of our photobiomodulation devices have proven their effectiveness and results around the world. We continue to design and develop them, to constantly improve them and bring maximum efficiency and patient comfort. To do this, the experts in our research department are constantly monitoring French and international scientific publications; thanks to the community of scientists involved in the development of photobiomodulation, we are developing protocols that scrupulously respect 3 scientifically proven parameters

    • the choice and precision of wavelengths
    • the specification of the spectral irradiance or power density (w/cm 2)
    • the accuracy of the dose

      In a constantly evolving world, we are committed to ensuring that we offer you innovative, high-performance and top-of-the-range photobiomodulation solutions :

      • in perfect adequacy with the most relevant therapeutic protocols
      • meeting the expectations of the most renowned professionals.

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