Boxleds® is a photobiomodulation device for professional use

As functional and space saving* as Boxlight®, BoxLeds® has the particularity of being more sophisticated and scalable. It meets the specific needs of health professionals thanks to the mobility and surface of its panels. It is, to date, the largest panel-based photobiomodulation device on the market. It can treat a small area of the body, or a large area. This allows for a quick turnaround and a comfortable treatment experience for your patients and clients as well as yourself.

💡 Photobiomodulation treatments of specific parts of the body are increasing. For better patient comfort and improved handling by healthcare professionals, Boxleds® is currently being redesigned.


Boxleds® specificities

* Height: 133 cm Width: 63 cm Depth: 57 cm


Therapeutic colours

Blue: 460 nm 

Green: 525 nm 

Yellow: 595 nm 

Red: 645 nm

Near infrared: 850 nm


Light diffusion modes

  • Depending on requirements, between 1 and 3 panels of 1,600 LEDs each, for a total of between 1,600 and 4,800 LEDs;
  • Between 655 cm2 (257.8 in2) and 1,966 cm2 (774 in2) of treatment area



Treatment protocols are pre-recorded on a built-in touch pad. 

Boxleds® applications

Boxleds® has both clinical and treatment programs. It is currently being revised. The new version will be detailed in the first half of 2023.

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Like all our photobiomodulation devices, Boxleds® is subject to carefully coordinated design and manufacturing quality. As an engineering company, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Mostleds’s mission is to provide you with high value-added solutions that meet the various European regulatory requirements.