Boxlight® is a photobiomodulation device for professional use (B2B2C)

Mobile and compact*, Boxlight® allows health professionals to use photobiomodulation in the office. It is a highly functional light therapy device that facilitates a first series of treatments on specific areas of the body, thanks to a set of 3 treatment panels. Its action is thus effective and quickly satisfying, both for your patients and clients and for yourself.

💡 Photobiomodulation treatments of specific parts of the body are on the increase. For better patient comfort and improved handling by healthcare professionals, Boxlight® is currently being redesigned.


Boxlight® specificities

* Height: 132 cm Width: 63 cm Depth: 55 cm

Therapeutic colours

Blue: 460 nm

Yellow: 595 nm 

Red: 645 nm

Near infrared: 850 nm


Light diffusion modes

2,400 OSRAM® LEDs in a 3-panel array ;

1,044 cm2 (411 in2) of treatment area



Treatment protocols are pre-recorded on a built-in touch pad. 

Boxlight® applications

Boxlight® has both clinical and treatment programs. It is currently being revised. Its new version will be detailed in the 1st half of 2023. 

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Like all our photobiomodulation devices, Boxlight® is subject to carefully coordinated design and manufacturing quality. As an engineering company, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Mostleds’s mission is to provide you with high value-added solutions that meet the various European regulatory requirements.