Created in 2008, Chromospace® was the first “whole body” LED light therapy generator in the world. A treatment “bed”, this professional medical device can treat a very large number of pathologies, whatever the part of the body concerned: front, back, sides, inside the limbs, face, head, feet. It delivers the treatment in a fluid and comfortable way, both for the patient and the health professional:

  • no movement (of the patient or the machine) is required
  • the treatment dose is extremely accurate, as is the irradiation distance (3 cm) throughout the device

💡 Photobiomodulation treatments of specific body parts are increasing. For a better patient comfort and an improvement of its handling by health professionals, Chromospace® is currently being revisited.


Specificities of Chromospace

Therapeutic colours

Blue: 460 nm

Green: 525 nm

Yellow: 595 nm 

Red: 645 nm

Near infrared: 850 nm

Light scattering modes

2 modes: continuous or pulsed


Sixty specific light therapy programmes are preformatted in the Chromospace® software: 30 clinical and 30 express. They are accessible via a touch pad.

It is also possible to record all treatments performed.


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Chromospace® applications

Clinical programs
  • Treatment of skin problems on the face and body (stretch marks, acne, etc.)
  • Treatment of cellulite, excess weight (in addition to a specific medical treatment)
  • Anti-ageing treatment (e.g. sagging skin)
  • Treatment of pain
  • Treatment of stress
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the face and body (in addition to a specific medical treatment)
Treatment programmes
  • Beauty and rejuvenation treatments (face and body)
  • Health cure (for specific pathologies)
  • Slimming cure
  • Anti-stress cure
  • Postnatal cure
  • Oily skin – dry skin – spot cure


Like all our photobiomodulation devices, Chromospace® is the object of a carefully coordinated design and manufacturing quality. As a design office, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Mostleds’s mission is to provide you with high value-added solutions that meet the various European regulatory requirements.