Comfort and aesthetic devices

Below you will find a list of devices designed and manufactured by Mostleds, which are aimed at the comfort and/or aesthetics of your patients or clients.


This device is mobile and space saving. Its irradiation surface is composed of 3 independent panels, allowing acting on small and large surfaces. Boxleds®, Mostleds’s historical device in the process of evolution, is for professional use B2B2C 

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Mobile, functional and space saving in a practice, this device is very accessible financially while still being high quality and efficient. Box light®, Mostleds’s historical device in the process of evolution, is for B2B2C professional use.

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A half-face mask, this unique device assists dental specialists and oncologists in the treatment of the oral cavity and jaw. Buccoleds® is a B2B2C professional use photobiomodulation device.

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 “Treatment bed,” it allows a “whole body” treatment, including face and limbs, with efficiency on a large number of pathologies and without loss of time in the treatment.

Chromospace® is a photobiomodulation device recognized for more than 10 years, for B2B2C professional use.

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Coussin de voyage

Travel cushion

Under development !

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Ceinture dorsale, Coudière, Genouillère

Under development!

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Designed with equine care specialists, this brace is unique in that it treats racehorse tendonitis with ease and performance (in terms of recovery time). Equileds® is a veterinary device for professional use B2B2C or in B2C.

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This professional face device with unique performance allows the treatment of the entire face, for comfort, aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments. Faceleds® is a B2C light therapy device.It can be used for private use (B2C) as a comfort. 

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Intimleds is the photobiomodulation device fully dedicated to female intimate treatments, including comfort and aesthetics. It can be used for private use (B2C) as a comfort device.
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Mostwave Cocoon®

A holistic concept dedicated to well-being and detox, Cocoon combines music therapy and photobiomodulation in an environment with optimal acoustics and fully ionized air.

Cocoon® is a “photobiosony” device for wellness and sensory experience, for B2B2C use.

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