Intimleds® is a photobiomodulation device available to B2C professionals specialized in gynaecological solutions, and to private individuals.

As its name indicates, Intimleds® is designed for postmenopausal intimate female treatments. It is the first device entirely dedicated to women’s intimate comfort and aesthetics. Indeed, it is increasingly important for women to have a healthy and pleasant-looking genitalia, whatever their age. Thanks to Intimleds®, light therapy (PBM) now gives women access to an easy-to-use and, above all, safe and personalized internal (vaginal) and/or external (vulva) intimate treatment.

Specificities of Intimleds®

Therapeutic colours

Blue: 460 nm

Red: 645 nm

Near-Infrared: 850 nm

Light diffusion modes

Intimleds® is the only 360° irradiation device in the world thanks to a tight mesh of 5 rows of LEDs (228 volts) on its probe. It can deliver 1, 2 or all 3 therapeutic colours over a length of 14 cm to irradiate both the vagina (including the cervix) and the vulva, for a complete treatment of the genital area.

Its waves are emitted by the latest generation of Osram® LEDs, programmed to deliver precise doses of light, in pulsed or continuous mode, to provide high-quality results.


The Intimleds® tablet application offers a wide range of programmes and allows you to :

save your own programmes.

Keep a history of your sessions for the follow-up or to improve your performance.

Intimleds® applications

This photobiomodulation device for intimate female treatments is used in situations of intimate comfort and well-being.

Additional information

Installed in a discreet and protective case, Intimleds® is composed of a box-probe assembly connected via Bluetooth to an Android® touch pad. Its probe is delivered with a set of sterile and disposable sheaths, thus facilitating its maintenance and guaranteeing you a strict hygiene.

Its handling is easy and intuitive.


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Like all our photobiomodulation devices, Intimleds® is subject to carefully coordinated design and manufacturing quality. As a design office, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Mostleds’s mission is to provide you with high value-added solutions that meet the various European regulatory requirements.