Photobiomodulation and Light Therapy

Mostleds is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specializing in the field of LED therapy. Because the phenomenon of light is composed, in addition to visible light, of light waves that are very beneficial to the body, we wanted to focus on photobiomodulation and light therapy (also called light therapy).
All our developments are designed to help the treatment of a large number of pathologies, discomforts and aesthetic disorders, by means of pleasant and effective light radiation, both for the patient and for the practitioner.
Our equipment (masks, beds, orthoses, etc.) is all safe. They are not light therapy lamps, but comfortable devices, including small, warm light therapy bulbs, without any risk factors. This allows us to guarantee an effective radiation of the emitted light waves according to the defined need: blue, green, yellow, red, infrared.
Our devices provide our partner companies (B2B, B2B2C) with the possibility to offer their customers different treatments:
medical assistance (e.g. mucositis, cancer, pain),
comfort and/or aesthetic (e.g. skin disorders including acne and blemishes, stress management, beauty or slimming cure).

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