Service offers

Mostleds, OEM and ODM in photobiomodulation.

Designing, manufacturing and providing our customers with high quality photobiomodulation devices requires key skills, quality of service and a sense of customer relationship.

This is the mission of Mostleds, which has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specializing in the field of LED therapy for 15 years. We provide our corporate customers with :

  • Our technological and entrepreneurial skill our experience in business partnerships. 
  • Our range of devices for use by your professional or general public customers.

Light therapy.

Photobiomodulation (light therapy) is a natural body care technique. Painless and without side effects, it can be used whatever the season, whatever the skin type.

Learn more about:

—the benefits and colours of light

—the functioning and benefits of photobiomodulation